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Islamic extremists | Encyclopedia Nipponica - Japan Knowledge Also in al-Qaeda organization is Japan International and terrorism is an organization al-Qaeda is likely to have expanded in Japan is Japanese media day, are reported quoting the Japan Public Security informed sources. Kyodo News [Japan-US joint investigation of the result, al-Qaeda of high-level personnel to sneak into Japan 000 years, the US terrorist attacks of 00 date has become clear that there is a high possibility that had been stayed until just before the occurrence ] it was reported that. Japan public security authorities this personnel is deeply involved in the terrorist attacks planning, Japan domestic al-Qaeda support forces are expected to have support. Kyodo News [there is talk that this personnel was Mimawa' the public facilities in Japan, this is Al Qaeda suggests the possibility that planned the terrorist attacks in Japan] quoted the Ministry of Public Security officials revealed with. For Japan and the United States this by grasping the movement of al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremist molecule of Japan, has strengthened the investigation coordination.

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